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Measuring Public Opinion on and Attitudes Toward Natural Resource Issues in Georgia
WITH ITS DIVERSE HABITAT AND MODERATE CLIMATE, Georgia has an abundance of natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities. Georgia is home to 975 species of vertebrates and 250 species of trees; a landscape of mountains, estuaries, beaches, and wetlands; and historic cities and landmarks. At the same time, Georgia is also one of the fastest growing states in the nation and is ranked 9th among the states for total population. With such diverse and varied natural resources and a burgeoning human population, the success of conservation and management efforts in the state depends on striking a balance between its environment, its natural resources, and its people. In the words of Aldo Leopold: "Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land."
Not only is it important to manage the biological and ecological components of Georgia's environment and natural resources, it is also crucial to understand how Georgia residents relate to the state's natural resources. Through use of a variety of social science research methods, the state monitors public opinion to measure its efforts in the eyes of its residents. For example, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) outlines several objectives for its agency vision, which include listening and responding to the "opinions of the people it serves to provide a balance of all factors" and making "wise decisions for the common good of the people."

Over the past 18 years, Responsive Management has worked closely with numerous divisions within the Georgia DNR and with other outdoor recreation and resource management organizations on more than 25 major studies of the human element of natural resources and outdoor recreation in Georgia. Responsive Management's work with the state includes extensive research to assess public knowledge of, awareness of, and attitudes toward natural resource issues related to conservation education, litter and recycling, water resources, hunting and fishing participation, wildlife and fisheries management, and strategic planning and marketing, as well as studies designed specifically to identify messages that resonate with the Georgia public in order to develop more effective conservation and education programs.

In this newsletter, Responsive Management highlights the efforts of numerous divisions, organizations, and agencies throughout Georgia to understand and meet the needs of the public they serve by featuring principal research on Georgians' opinions on and attitudes toward a variety of natural resource, conservation, and outdoor recreation issues. 
-- Mark Damian Duda
Executive Director 

Responsive Management
has conducted more than 25 studies on natural resource and outdoor recreation issues for Georgia state agencies, including studies in the following areas:
Organizational Reviews and Planning
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recycleAttitudes Toward and Participation in Recycling
In a study for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Responsive Management partnered with Hill and Knowlton and Elevation Brand to assist in the development and implementation of a statewide recycling communications campaign.
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Why are 25- to 34-Year-Olds
Less Likely to Recycle?
Data analysis of telephone survey results showed that 25- to 34-year-olds are more likely to be non-committed recyclers than respondents in other age groups.
litterOpinions on Litter and
Anti-Littering Programs
Responsive Management has worked closely with the Georgia Governor's Office and Georgia's Litter Abatement and Prevention Initiative to conduct research on Georgia residents' opinions on litter, littering practices, and anti-littering programs in Georgia and to obtain feedback on specific campaign messages that were developed by Cookerly Public Relations/Planet Studio.
faucetPerception of Water Issues
Water quality and quantity are perceived to be two of the most important "top-of-mind" natural resource/environmental issues that Georgia residents face. When asked, Georgia's residents most commonly named water quality and quantity as the two most important issues in a study for the DNR's Pollution Prevention Assistance Division.


Attitudes Regarding the Strategic Direction of the Georgia DNR
To assist in developing strategic goals, determining desired long-term outcomes and objectives, and identifying the challenges that the Georgia DNR will face in achieving its strategic goals, Responsive Management surveyed the public, DNR stakeholders, and DNR employees regarding the future of the Department.
Direction for the Decade
When the Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), decided to conduct a large-scale organizational assessment to develop future strategies and direction for the WRD, it contracted Responsive Management to survey Georgia residents, WRD staff, and various conservation organizations.


Residents' Opinions on Wildlife Resources Division Law Enforcement Activities
In a survey of Georgia residents, anglers, hunters, and landowners, Responsive Management assessed public opinion on enforcement priorities and strategies.
The Public and Deer Management in Georgia
The Georgia DNR commissioned Responsive Management to complete a study to determine the opinions and attitudes of the general population, hunters, and owners of large tracts of land regarding deer management in Georgia.
Georgia Coastal Community Needs Assessment and Market Inventory
The Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Georgia Coastal Management Program commissioned Responsive Management to complete a comprehensive assessment of existing programs related to coastal training and to determine current and desired levels of coastal training among decision makers in Georgia.


To see more studies conducted by Responsive Management, including full reports in downloadable PDF form, visit our website. A listing of Responsive Management's recent and current projects can be found here (372K PDF). 

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