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Literature reviews are a research method of examining data from a variety of sources that ultimately results in the compilation of known information on a subject. Useful and pertinent information can be extracted from a variety of sources ranging from journal articles to internal agency/organization reports and databases. Literature reviews are often used when a plethora of information already exists on a topic. By compiling information that already exists on a topic into a single source, literature reviews can synthesize information into a concise and highly informative report. Research on public and constituent opinions on natural resource and outdoor recreation issues has been conducted over the past thirty years, and a myriad of studies exist. Responsive Management uses a variety of sources, including Public Opinion Quarterly, National Surveys of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, Journal of Leisure Research, National Survey of Recreation and the Environment, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, and many other journals, databases, and agency/organization publications.
Responsive Management employs a traditional approach to creating a review of literature (Krathwahl, 1993). Multiple researchers work both independently and in concert to perform targeted and exhaustive searches on specific identified data sources and databases.
In database searches, Boolean searches are performed on variations of the name of the subject being researched, the name of related topics, and topical subject areas that reasonably could include pertinent information toward the subject being researched.
All data are examined for utility and for use in obtaining other resource materials. The data are then categorized into units of meaning using the method of constant comparison (Glaser & Strauss, 1971). The units of meaning guide the creation of the report, as does a number of iterations of reviews and rewrites through triangulation methods using confirmations and guidance from individuals and data sources.
Responsive Management has conducted numerous literature reviews as singular projects as well as part of broader research projects. Literature reviews are often utilized to summarize current research in the field and to allow a better understanding of new quantitative research that will be conducted following the literature review. Many of Responsive Management's projects are multi-phased, and generally the first phase is to conduct a literature review to better understand the natural resource and outdoor recreation topic and to make preparations for later focus groups and telephone surveys.
Our clients benefit from previous Responsive Management research. Through our 18 years of experience in the natural resource and outdoor recreation field, Responsive Management has created and maintains its own extensive library of research. Responsive Management literature reviews and original research are often relevant to the project needs of our clients. Both our own research and our familiarity with the research conducted in the natural resource and outdoor recreation field provide Responsive Management with a solid foundation to conduct literature reviews on a myriad of natural resource and outdoor recreation topics.
Responsive Management Experience
Responsive Management has extensive experience in conducting literature reviews on natural resource and outdoor recreation issues. Responsive Management has conducted almost 1,000 quantitative and qualitative projects over the past 18 years. Clients include the federal natural resource and land management agencies, most state fish and wildlife agencies, state departments of natural resources, environmental protection agencies, state park agencies, tourism boards, as well as most of the major conservation and sportsmen's organizations. Many of the nation's top universities use Responsive Management for data collection because they recognize the quality of Responsive Management's data services. Because Responsive Management specializes in researching only natural resource and outdoor recreation issues, our senior research staff and research associates conduct research only on these topics and understand the nuances involved in conducting such research.

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